Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The trip to Tanzania kind of makes family trips hard to schedule, so for the past few days I have been in Florida with my family for a quick vacation. While in Naples, I played with my camera, worked on silhouettes and attempted to capture the relaxed atmosphere of coastal life even as the BP oil spill slowly creeps up the coastline. I got home last night and my room is covered with all of my gear for the trip to Africa. Wading through the mosquito netting, camping chair, and dry shampoo (for those times a one minute-long shower just won't cut it), I finally found the journal I am going to use to write down every detail when this blog isn't accessible. We leave in only a couple of days and I still have so much to do! I am so incredibly thankful that my parents allowed me to go on this trip! Even though I know the malaria pills and yellow fever shots make my mom and dad nervous that there is a possibility of me coming down with some strange disease, they are still supportive and just as excited as I am for this adventure I am about to go on. Over the next couple of days I will be carefully going over packing lists and meticulously checking my camera equipment, after all, it's not like there is camera shop in the middle of a village in rural Tanzania.

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