Thursday, June 10, 2010


It looks like a bomb has exploded in my room. Plastic from a new bed pad and box from Chacos litter the floor while the majority of my stuff still is laying by my hiking backpack. I have been getting organized but still have stuff to do! I started the malaria pills today and while it hasn't hurt the stomach it has made me a little bit dizzy, but oh well! I just finished packing two big ziplocks full of food- when I say food I mean small cups of peanut butter and Nutrigrain bars- to hold me over if I am in need desperate need of normal food. I am about to take an hour long shower in honor of how dirty I will be and the extreme lack of water and long showers I will have while in Tanzania. I can't believe we leave tomorrow! I am incredibly excited and strangely, not at all nervous. Oh, and for those who know me well, the title of this entry has more than one meaning. Good night!

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