Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We've been in Granada for three days now. The first night we met Tino, our National Geographic photographer. He is amazing and incredibly helpful in improving our photography. He teaches us about composition, lines, and other elements of photography that greatly enhance a photo. Yesterday we took a walk through town, winding up to the top it and then back down again. I focused on taking photos of the locals. My favorite picture of the walk was one of a gypsy just on the inside of the tunnel. That evening we took the same walk again, taking advantage of the different lighting and assortment of people at a later time. This morning we went to the Parque de los Ciencias where the types of photos we took changed. I then focused on arcitecture and stationary objects. We are heading off to dinner after a three hour siesta... talk to you tomorrow! Adios!

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