Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today we went to watch Flamenco dancers get ready and practice. They were gorgeous and moved with amazing grace and fluidity. It was interesting to see such a different style of dance as I took pictures from as many angles as possible. The lighting was hard to deal with but I ended up with a few decent pics. Lucia, the dancer I focused most of my attention on, was captivating in both the way she moved and her facial expressions. After the dance class we came back to the hostel, had a picnic lunch, and watched an Annie Leibovitz documentary. Tino left at 7:30 after we took group pictures with the National Geographic flag...
Last night we went to a bar to watch the Spain vs. US soccer match, amazingly the US won, killing Spain's three year winning streak! We had to miss the second half and came back to watch it recorded. The bartender asked if we saw the equalizer, so with eight minutes left I still thought Spain was going to score two goals. He lied but it worked... I was on the edge of my seat the whole time haha. When we left at the end of the first half, we visited the Alhambra, which was lit up and provided phenomenal picture opportunities. Using a tripod, I took silhouette pictures of Hanna who was lit up by the outside walls of the castle. I also took pictures overlooking Granada which are so so pretty! Tomorrow we are going to watch La Tienta, which is when the matadors test bulls to see if they are capable (mean enough) for a bull fight. Hopefully it will be nice because if not it will be lead to a very tough death. So sad. Alright, will write more tomorrow... ADIOS!

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